Quick and efficient class. I enjoyed the real life situations
which added quality to the training.
– Leslie J. –
Great class! Gets down to the essentials, especially for first time parents.
– Raymond O. –
Very enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. The 2 hrs went by quickly!
– April I. –
Had a wonderful and sobering experience learning CPR.
– J.S. –
We have a 7 month old and this class was extremely helpful and gave us
the confidence and security knowing we could  help our child, or friends child
if they were ever in an emergency! Great acting the scenarios too!
I got a little emotional because it felt so real.
– Kathryn Smith –
I feel really empowered now!
– Linda O. –
Ty is so passionate about her teachings!
This is the best CPR training I have ever done!
– Jenny Miller –