Excellent class! An absolute necessity for parents of a new baby
– Anonymous –
Great class in a condensed 2 hour format.
I felt it was the right amount of information and practice.
Hilda S.-
The class was so very helpful! As a stay at home mom of a toddler and an infant I now
feel so much more equipped to handle a potential life threatening situation. Thank you!
Manisha D. –
Great class! Quick and fun. Instructor was very cute and engaging.
All you need to know in an easy format. Thanks!
Alison F. –
It is very scary to think your baby might choke, but now,
I’m less anxious because I know what to do. Thank you!
Frantisha W. –

Good experience! Detailed and straight demonstration, easy to understand.
The concept of this class is very useful. I learned a lot. Thank you.
Jing O. –
Great class! So happy I took it! I feel so much more prepared in case of an emergency.
May I never have to use what I learned.
Jennifer C. –
This course was excellent in teaching us the essentials in an emergency situation.
Thank you so much!
Nia S. –
The class was very structured. The instructor had a detailed plan
and made us feel comfortable with the process. She also was highly attentive
to our questions and answered all of them.
I thank you for your time and experience.
Savitha A. –
Great class and refresher for CPR. Answered all of our questions
and better provided us w/skills to save a life.
James P. –
Very good energy! informative and skilled at presenting. Thanks!
– Lila –