March 30, 2018

Learn CPR, Save a Child’s Life

As the summer goes on, it’s important that we all remember to keep water safety top of mind. “Keeping Kids Safe In and Around Water: Exploring Misconceptions that Lead to Drowning,” our most recent research report made possible with support from Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen program, found that nearly 800 children die in and around water each year, with two-thirds of those deaths occurring between May and August. Thankfully, because a grandfather in South Carolina took the time to learn CPR, one little girl did not join those numbers.

Anisa Arsenault at The Bump writes:

Another swimming pool tragedy was averted thanks to the quick action of a South Carolina grandfather. Isaac Fripp, a deputy with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department, found his one-year-old granddaughter, Treasure, floating unresponsive in his pool. He immediately began CPR.

“She was still. [Her] eyes were closed, and so was her mouth,” Fripp tells WBTW News 13. Treasure also had no pulse.

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