March 30, 2018

Georgia Boys Help Save Infant’s Life With CPR Lessons Learned From A Poster

The next time you see a CPR poster at school or are asked to examine the safety instructions whilst in an airplane, be sure to take more than a cursory glance – For while you may never need them, knowing what to do, may save someone else’s life. That, is exactly what two Georgia boys are being applauded for!

Nine-year old Rocky Hurt and 10-year old Ethan Wilson, were playing football in their front yard in Marietta, when a neighbor they had never met, suddenly rushed out of her house yelling at them to call 911. That hysterical woman was Susanna Rohm whose 12-week old baby seemed to have suddenly stopped breathing. In her panic, she had been unable to locate her cell phone and since she did not have a landline – had decided to dash outside to seek help.

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